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Epoxy Styles

We have the right material for every job. Whether you choose metallic (often mistaken for marble), durable flake, decorative quartz, or unique glitter, your new epoxy floor will not only be visually stunning, it will be highly functional too!

Want to know more? Our experts are happy to review all epoxy floor options available to you!

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Flake flooring, also known as decorative paint chips, is a completely customizable, durable epoxy floor. Once the moisture barrier has been laid and we patch all holes and cracks, we lay a clear or tinted base coat, and the flake paint chips are thrown into the wet epoxy. Once cured, we lay a UV stable topcoat that leaves a seamless, slip controlled floor!


Metallic epoxy is a beautiful and unique epoxy coating. Metallic powder pigments are mixed with clear epoxy to create a dazzling marble or pearlescent look. Choose your base color plus metallic colors, adding as many metallic colors as you want to your design! Whether you prefer a smokey, veiny, marble, or simple one-color metallic swirl, your gorgeous floor will enhance the theme of any room!

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A quartz epoxy floor adds an overall shine and ornamental appearance to flooring in high traffic areas. Combining a high-performance epoxy polymer resin with quartz grains, the result is a durable, chemical resistant floor. This application works great in commercial kitchens, patios, pool decks, and more!


Epoxy Glitter adds a dazzling sparkle to create a modern flooring effect. The decorative glitter flakes are made with a polyester film to give a unique look to your home or showroom. Or add glitter powder to a clear resin for a beautiful, sparkling surface.

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