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Improve the look and feel of your floors by choosing a resilient, decorative epoxy coating.

Most people think epoxy belongs only in service areas such as restaurant kitchens and trash rooms. But epoxy is way more fascinating than to be left to simple commercial settings. In the past few years epoxy flooring has expanded to creative focal points in homes and businesses such as foyers, porches, game rooms, kitchens, patios, restrooms… basically anywhere!


Benefits of High-Performance Flooring using Epoxy:


  • Classy, beautiful, and decorative

  • Seamless and slip resistant

  • Protects underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease, and cracks

  • Resistant to many chemicals such as solvents and acids

  • Handles shock, heavy machinery, and high traffic

  • Quality flooring that is easily maintained and UV stable

  • Save on long term maintenance costs

  • Completely customizable


Imagine a slip-resistant, rubber surfacing that not only enhances the look of your patio, but is also comfortable, resilient, and stylish! We prepare your concrete patio surfaces by installing our rubberized epoxy systems on your concrete patio.


Benefits of Rubberized Patio Coatings using Epoxy:

  • Beautiful Appearance

  • Slip Resistant

  • Durable and Long Lasting

  • Low Maintenance

  • Eliminates Weed Growth

  • 100% Customizable

Epoxy waterproofing provides a durable barrier against water penetration and can be applied to any existing surface. Epoxy waterproofed walls will provide important waterproof protection for your basement that can prevent expensive repairs in the future. 

Benefits of Interior Waterproofing using Epoxy:

  • Prevents water damage

  • Higher tensile strength than concrete

  • Seamless System

  • Cost Effective

  • Low Maintenance

  • Age Resistant

Self-leveling concrete is a quick and easy solution to add a new flat surface to your old, beat up, rough floor. Choose any floor your heart desires to lay over top! A polishable, self-leveling concrete is also an option.

Benefits of Self-Leveling Concrete:

  • Smoothen rough concrete

  • Even out your existing floor

  • Pour to existing or high concrete surface

Rubberized Patio Coatings

Epoxy Waterproofing

Self-Leveling Concrete

We are also happy to guide you when it comes to resilient and floating floors, polish and stain concrete, joint filling, crack repair, and moisture systems. Just ask!


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